3-Year Commitment to Arkansas Children's Hospital

Release Date: 02-Jan-2012

Hank Browne, the owner of Hank's Fine Furniture and Home Place Furniture has made a three year, $60,000 commitment to Arkansas Children's Hospital. A.C.H's South Wing will be aquiring a new Audiology/Speech Pathology Clinic.

The Research Sound Suite has all the same features of the other sound suites in the new clinic, but is larger and has additional sound reduction and shielding in order to accommodate the extra equipment used in various clinical research projects. Each Sound Suite will be equipped to accommodate the state-of-the-art equipmet as well as multiple family members who wish to participate in the evaluation process. In addition, the sound suites will help further the training of future doctoral level clinicians and provide a facility that meets the requirement for participating in research endeavors aimed at improving outcomes for patients.

Last year, Hank's Fine Furniture completed a 3 year pledge ($60,000), to underwrite the infant/toddler playroom in the hematology/oncology unit in the hospital’s soon-to-be-constructed South Wing. The unit will be named his company’s honor and will provide a protective environment that will allow children to use their imagination and have fun.

"This year it is our pleasure to give Arkansas Children’s Hospital, serving all of Arkansas, our additional gift of $20,000.00 and our committement for the new Sound Suite,. We are pleased to be a part of the funding effort to keep Arkansas Children's Hospital on the cutting edge of scientific research to help continue their commitment to the well-being of seriously ill and injured children in our community," said Browne.

For many years,Hank's Fine Furniture has been an active donor to A.C.H. Along with this three year commitment, Hank's Fine Furniture has contributed a total of over $500,000. While most of the money in the past has been designated to areas of greatest need which include charity care and patient care, one gift provided a specific piece of equipment. In 2006, the funds raised during the annual anniversary sale were used to purchase a Giraffe Omnibed for the neonatal intensive care unit at A.C.H. Hank’s annual gifts embrace the words in the lobby of the hospital,“Fear not illness…this place of care, love and hope is for you.”