Hank’s Fine Furniture Donates $20,000 to Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Release Date: 21-Nov-2011

News Release: Nov. 21, 2011
Little Rock, Arkansas - Hank Browne, president of Hank’s Furniture Inc., recently announced a donation of $20,000 to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The funds were raised through the Hank’s Fine Furniture annual anniversary sale, held in September.

Over the next three years, Hank’s has pledged funding toward a research sound suite in the Audiology Clinic in the hospital’s new South Wing, set to open in the summer of 2012. The research sound suite is a sound booth and examiner control area combined, with extra room for necessary research equipment. The Research Sound Suite has additional sound reduction and shielding in order to accommodate the extra equipment that may be used in various clinical research projects. For instance, staff may look at the development of infant cooing and babbling in response to mother’s voice versus an unfamiliar voice, or may evaluate how noise in classrooms impacts attention and vigilance to task in normal hearing and hearing impaired students.

“This year it is our pleasure to give Arkansas Children’s Hospital, serving all of Arkansas, our additional gift of $20,000,” said Browne. “We are pleased to be a part of the funding effort to keep Arkansas Children’s Hospital on the cutting edge of scientific research to help continue their commitment to the well-being of seriously ill and injured children in our community.”

Nineteen years ago, Hank’s Fine Furniture began donating a portion of the proceeds during their anniversary month sale to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. To date, the proceeds have totaled more than $490,000.

“Local children’s hospitals have been selected as one of our annual charitable commitments because we believe these hospitals impact the lives of children and families in the communities we serve,” says Browne. “We feel privileged to be working for such worthy organizations and causes.”

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Kila Owens, Arkansas Children’s Hospital