New Fiiine Distribution and Clearance Center for Hanks Fiiiine Furniture

Release Date: 17-Feb-2014

New Fiiine Distribution and Clearance Center for Hanks Fiiiine Furniture

In November 2013 , Hanks new Distribution Center began going up.. The 144,000 sq. ft. building is being built specifically for a furniture operation.

“The goal of the 5.5 million dollar project will greatly increase the productivity for the company, says Hank Browne, owner. “We will deliver to all 15 of our locations out of this one facility. We currently have 3 warehouses and distribution centers. These will be sold or leased. One central distribution center is the best way to stay in stock for our all of our stores, less handling, more accurate inventories and a larger facility for even more product” says Browne.

The facility will also have a clearance center, open 4 days a week for one of a kind, scratched and dented, factory drops and older floor samples. “It makes sense to have all this under one roof, says Browne. And we have bought enough land to expand the warehouse if we need too.”

The facility was designed to be a wide span building to minimize the number of interior supports and in so doing to maximize the flexibility of the warehouse space. “There will be 32 dock high doors and each category of product will have its own door assigned. This way the merchandise coming off the containers and trucks will go directly to their area and not have to be handled several more times. We are implementing state of the art warehouse equipment to insure integrity of the furniture.” says Tripp Estlinbaum, the Distribution Manager.

As with the stores that Hanks builds, environmentally sound decisions have been made. “We are using energy efficient T4 florescent lighting, and again we recycle all our Styrofoam and cardboard.” Says Steve Roberts, Hanks Construction manager for 20 years.” In addition to the clearance center, there will be an area for customers that want to pick up their furniture with easy access.”

The location is on Hwy 165 toward Scott, with easy access to Hwy 540.

For more information contact: Cathy Browne [email protected]